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New Product Helps Reduce Joint Inflammation, Pain & Soreness in Dogs

February 6, 2019 - Weatherford, Texas - After a 2-years of research, development and testing, a best-of-breed soft chew known as Canine Cush is finally released.

RocketDog, a premium brand of animal health supplements under the Rocket Animal Health brand,  wanted to cut through the buzz and create a powerful, joint product that not only delivers the important effects of CB&D but also a unique formula that delivers a well-rounded range of benefits from other proven ingredients to amplify the pain relief and joint protection that dogs from all walks of life require.  

Listening to customers, filling unmet healthcare needs and providing the best possible products and experience is an essential part of RocketDog’s product development process.

One of the key pieces of feedback received from consumers was that they were sick of giving CB&D to their dogs via messy oily liquids. This is why RocketDog chose to create Canine Cush in a soft-chew format that dogs love. 


“As practicing veterinarians, we have seen the dog market flooded with sub-par natural products using poor ingredient sources that are just not bioavailable (absorbable) to the animal.” Said Dr. Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM  “This leads to poor results. The science is there that if you choose the best concentrations from the best sources, and in the right combinations, you can drastically reduce joint problems for our pets.”

Cush is in a water soluble format, is but one of the three main formulas bundled in Canine CUSH. Each, on their own, have been scientifically proven to improve joint health, and reduce inflammation and pain.  

The patent-pending proprietary blend of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp powder in Canine Cush has an absorption rate 4X higher than competitors. The patent-pending Boswellia has an absorption rate 20X higher and the Eggshell Membrane also has an absorption rate 20X higher in clinical studies. This powerful blend of CBD produces excellent results thanks to this unique blend of additional ingredients that gets the actives into the system where they can work to enhance the beneficial effects of CBD. 

These formulas carry several commonly known and used joint health ingredients like chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and collagen - but in much more absorbable formulations - 20X more! 

Customers and their four-legged friends will find ingredients such as:

  • Cannabigerol: a non-psychotropic compound in cannabis that constitutes 1% of the plant.
  • Cannabichromene: a non-psychotropic compound in cannabis that is abundant in cannabis plants
  • Natural terpenes: a non-psychoactive organic compound derived from plant resins.
  • Boswellia: assists in the normal inflammatory functions of joints, bones and other body systems
  • Curcumin: contributes to naturally support normal inflammatory processes such as sore, achy joints. It also helps support stifles, backs and elbows in dogs. 
  • Egg Shell Membrane: increases flexibility and assists in reducing pain, injury and cartilage breakdowns in dogs and is especially helpful in alleviating symptoms from OCD, arthritis and dysplasia. 

RocketDog’s Canine Cush soft chews are now available on, and select Retail stores. In both single packages and a discounted package of three. Canine Cush is another industry-leading product developed by the veterinarians at Animal Stewards International,  with science-based ingredients. Customers are in full agreement that this is one of the most powerful blends of ingredients on the market today. 

Who is Animal Stewards International? - Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM, Keith Latson, DVM, DACVS and Robo Hendrickson are the founders behind Animal Stewards.  Animal Stewards owns and manages the FullBucket and Rocket Animal Health supplement companies  for horses, dogs and cats. FullBucket is a complete line of digestive care animal health products that are used by the top veterinary clinics and Universities in the U.S. as a protocol to help fight digestive problems & disease.

Rocket Animal Health was launched in 2018 after a huge demand by veterinarians and customers to launch muscle, bone and joint products with the same quality and effectiveness as FullBucket.

They’re also the people behind the idea of “Be Good & Do Good” which is their way of helping animals in need - specifically working horses in poor communities around the world and service dogs here in the US. 

Started in 2009, they are the very first animal healthcare company with a One-4-One giveback program, to help the 80-million working horses are donkeys, mules and horses used for hard labor to support families and communities throughout the developing world.

Their business model is simple: For Every Serving of RocketDog Sold, They Give One To Animals In Need. As their for-profit business grows, their ability to provide nutritional support to poor communities, without being reliant on donations, grows as well.

They see RocketDog and FullBucket as an opportunity to make the world a better place.