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The missing link of dog joint supplements may be bioavailability

The purpose of incorporating vitamins and minerals in your dog's health regimen is to notice a difference in how her body works and feels, not only in the short term but over the course of a lifetime. That being said, if your dog's body does not absorb certain vitamins and minerals properly, she will not reap the benefits you're hoping for. That's why something known as bioavailability is so important.

Have you ever wondered why so many vitamins, pharmaceutical drugs, and nutritional supplements are taken with food? The chemicals and ingredients in these drugs are best absorbed by the body when taken with a meal, which is why doctors and veterinarians recommend taking them this way. In other words,  the meal improves the supplement or medication's bioavailability.

What is bioavailability? 

Canine joint supplements designed with high bioavailability in mind will be more beneficial because they will help the body consume more of the required nutrients without requiring large dosages. There are a variety of methods for improving active ingredient bioavailability, but the majority of them focus on increasing absorption by the body. 

Essentially, a high-quality bioavailable product has the goal of ensuring most of the ingredients contained will be “accepted” by the body.

Products that haven’t been designed to be bioavailable may still contain high-quality ingredients, but the ingredients are not likely to be beneficial to your pup because his body will reject them and they will exit the body in the form of urine or feces.

Choosing the best joint supplement for dogs

When you’re looking for the best product for your dog with the highest bioavailability, it can quickly become frustrating. There’s so much science involved, but hopefully with the questions below you’ll have an easier time choosing an effective, beneficial product.   

Several questions you will want to ask include: 

  • What’s the most absorbable form of supplement I am looking for?
  • What’s the purest form of the supplement with the least amount of filler?
  • Has this product been designed with bioavailability in mind?
  • What are the benefits of each ingredient in the product? 

Rocket Animal Health has made it easy to choose the best joint supplement for dogs with their veterinarian-formulated Canine Cush!

Canine Cush has optimized the bioavailability of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and CBD, all in one product to provide your dog with the most effective product for their health. Each ingredient has been formulated carefully to ensure the highest absorption into your dog’s body.

Maximize health benefits for your dog

The bioavailability of the nutrients your dog consumes is directly proportional to their beneficial effects on your pup's overall health. Though deciding to incorporate nutrients into your dog’s lifestyle is a positive move, selecting nutrients with the highest absorption rates will ensure that your dog’s body receives optimal health benefits.