What to do if your dog isn’t on ‘The Healthiest Dog Breeds’ List

September, 2020 \ by Emily Dickson

If you currently own a dog or if you are currently searching for your next best friend, you have likely spent time researching dog breeds. There’s tons of...

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How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

September, 2020 \ by Jordan Overfield

My mom has a saying that she has been beating into me since I was a kid. “Gotta keep moving.”  Both of my parents recognize the value in...

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Know Your Options for Treating a Torn ACL in Dogs

September, 2020 \ by Emily Dickson Collaborator

Did you know that the most common orthopedic injury in dogs is a torn ACL, or anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament? (1).  Blew my mind too.  I’ve had some...

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Curry and Your Best Friend: Is Turmeric Good For Dogs?

August, 2020 \ by Emily Dickson Collaborator

Most of us know about turmeric as it relates to curry and other Indian-flavored foods. But does turmeric have benefits for dogs too?  Turmeric has become a popular...

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