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This Is Our Story

80 MILLION - That's the estimated number of horses, donkeys and mules that are used daily by impoverished familes around the world. These animals are essential to sustain life. And, they lack the proper nutrition and healthcare to keep them healthy and alive. The question we set out to answer... "Can we use our animal healthcare business to help people who are in desperate need?"

That is the question we set out to answer.

Turns out, we can.

The scene was heartbreaking

A bedraggled burro gamely carried his passenger, an amputee, into the makeshift veterinary clinic. Dismounting with his crutches, the elderly Mexican man looked to veterinarians Rob Franklin and Keith Latson for help.

“The burro had a huge saddle sore on his back and was clearly undernourished,” said Latson, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in California. “For this man, the burro was more to him than the burros and horses we see in the U.S. This burro was his transportation, companion and provided a way for him to make a living for his family.”

Over a period of four days both Keith and Rob, who practices equine internal medicine in Texas and is the President of the Texas Equine Veterinary Association, treated more than 1,000 equids in Mexico for a variety of ailments, and provided basic services, such as floating, or filing, the sharp points of teeth, and de-worming to rid the animals of potentially fatal parasites.

The Epiphany

That experience in October 2011, an “Equitarian Initiative” mission sponsored by the American Association of Equine Practitioners, proved to be a bit of an epiphany for the two former Texas A&M University roommates and fraternity brothers. Already working together to produce a superior probiotic product, the pair realized that by providing such a product to underdeveloped regions dependent on burros and horses, the people would be better able to care for their animals and families.

The question then became, “What to do about it?”
The answer: Education & Nutritional Supplements.

FullBucket, our "Sister" company, is a full line of digestive supplement products. FullBucket not only provides the best digestion products for performance horses in the United States, but they also help with nutritional needs and education for the poorest communities in Central America. With the purchase of one FullBucket in the United States, another FullBucket is given, at no charge, to treat horses and donkeys in these regions through the company’s Giving Program.

For every Rocket Product you buy,
we give one to an animal in need

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The Giving Product

For every Rocket product you buy, we give one to an animal in need. However, the product we distribute for these animals is not the same product we sell here in the US. These animals have very different nutritional requirements.

During our first Equitarian experience, we wondered if there was a way to extend the benefit of dental work in horses that couldn't masticate, of deworming equids so burdened that they couldn't absorb nutrients presented to the gut, and of B-vitamin injections which may be quickly metabolized/excreted. We partnered with an equine nutritionist in Mexico who has taken many equine hair and feed samples in the areas where we work to determine specific nutritional deficiencies in the population.

From the analyses, we work with in-country premix companies to develop a palatable nutritional supplement to address the specific nutritional needs. This is the product, our "Giving" product, that we distribute, not the commercially available digestive support supplements available on our website and through distributors in the United States.


“Horses are exquisitely sensitive to stress,” said Dr. Latson, and that stress can come from being hauled for an extended period of time to extreme competition, or being stalled with aggressive horses.” As the Rocket line of products expands, Latson, Franklin and Hendrickson intend to continue providing assistance to underdeveloped countries through the One-4-One program. Having witnessed the conditions in which these animals exist, they believe they can serve the dual purpose of helping animals and horses even more effectively. “Right now our priority is to invest back into the One-4-One Giving Program first, then into the company and lastly ourselves. We are third.” said Latson.

“We hope this program will encourage people to get engaged and will help them satisfy their inspiration to help animals.”


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