Recent scientific research discoveries are revealing a variety of new extraction and processing technologies for all-natural health solutions. Rocket Animal Health is on the forefront of these new discoveries and use them in our supplement products.

For instance, we know the 4 building blocks that make up the joint - chondroitin, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and collagen build and protect the cartilage and synovial fluid in joints.

However, the current products on the market use synthetic replicas that have a poor track record for bioavailability - meaning they aren't absorbed by the body easily and in turn don't make it to the joints where they can do good.

Novel, natural sources, such as eggshell membrane, are vastly outperforming the man-made ingredients because for millions of years dogs have been eating them as a resource for the necessary building blocks in joints.

Rocket's unique, product formulation process is designed around these new discoveries with the mission to re-establish health and prevent future problems in a safe and natural way.

  1. Start With a Problem That Has No Solution

    Rocket Animal Health started because Dr. Rob and Dr. Keith had patients dealing with debilitating joint pain. They tried all the available products on the market and couldn’t find a natural solution that actually worked or a pharmaceutical product without adverse side-effects; so they developed their own, using newly discovered research, lab and field testing.

    This approach continues to be our baseline for product discovery and development. We do not offer “Me Too” products and are hyper-critical about each ingredient that goes into every formula.

  2. Formulated by Veterinarians and Certified Nutritionists

    Rocket's product formulation process is headed by Dr. Rob Franklin, DVM, DACVIM, and supported by a team of PhD Nutritionists and leading University Science & Nutrition Centers.

    Our average research & development time is between 2 to 3 years before a new product is ready. Before being released to market, it is field tested at premier veterinary clinics around the country.

  3. Use Premium, All-Natural, Safe Ingredients with Proven Results

    We only use all-natural, premium-grade ingredients proven to be effective and tested for perfect concentration levels. Technology has massively expanded our scientific team’s ability to locate, observe and test unique ingredients to ensure efficacy and safety.

    We only rely on peer-reviewed, scientifically proven research for our formulation process.

  4. Effective Concentration Levels

    Our claims and labels provide an honest look at every ingredient and the lab tested to be effective amount.

    We never add unnecessary fillers or use “dusting” of an ingredient for label dressing, a huge problem that is common, even with major brands, found online or your local feed store.

  5. Engage The Problem With a Complete System
    • Treat The Cause - The bone, joint & muscle system in animals can be thrown off by activity, lack of exercise, injury, training stress, travel and old age. 
    • Eliminate The Symptoms - Hip & joint problems can be seen as symptoms such as slow movement, lethargy, limping, aggressive behaviour, and slow to rise. 
    • Establish Recovery - Imbalance in the motor system can range from inflammation, structural imbalance, depleted nutrients and worn cartilage. We use building blocks the body naturally uses to recover and rebuild. 
    • Protect and Prevent - Animals, especially dogs, will always be at high risk for hip & joint issues. Being proactive by keeping the system strong and in balance, we have a much better chance at avoiding future problems.
  6. Certified Manufacturing
    • NASC National Animal Supplement Council
    • NPA Natural Product Association
    • SFSF Safe Feed Safe Food
    • APPA American Pet Products Association
    • BBB Better Business Bureau
    • APHIS The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
    • PSC Pet Sustainability Coalition
    • Oregon Tilth 
    • Kosher by Earth Kosher
  7. Independent Testing

    We test for Potency, Purity and Accuracy by 3rd Party, independent labs to very our formulas.

    By testing for impurities, microbe contamination, heavy metals, allergens, pesticides and potency, we can be confident that our products are the very best in class.